The mPhone is a radiotelephone utilizing a proprietary radio mesh network or regular Wi-Fi. It provides wireless voice communication for the underground mines. It also provides support for many rescue operations and enables useful functions used in Wireless Rescue Operations Communication Systems for Underground (ROCS).

The mPhone is equipped with a clear LCD display, a sixteen-key keypad, a decent speaker, and an easy to use PTT button on the side of the device. It is possible to connect the throat microphone (laryngophone) in order to enable communication in conditions of high levels of background noise.

Main Features:

  • specialised digital radiotelephone
  • dual band 868MHz/2.4GHz WiFi
  • explosion-proof design
  • motion sensor and position sensor
  • portable remote siren feature
  • 2000 cycles battery life


  • Seeking other devices

In case of loss of consciousness, the missing person may be localized by the mPhone (which uses high-frequency radio waves).

By using the main menu function, the user may launch an application that will seek other mPhones or worker and equipment tracking tags, including received signal strength, which may be used for a rough approximation of the distance between the devices.

  • S.O.S. button

The mPhone is equipped with an S.O.S. button which may be used in case of emergency situations in order to send an alarm. After pressing the S.O.S. button the mPhone will notify the Fresh Air Base Station (optional) about the potential danger.

  • Automatic alarm (optional)

In case of the user’s loss of consciousness, the mPhone device raises an audio-visual alarm.

The device can constantly read data from the accelerometer and if it claims that the phone does not move for a programmable period of time, it raises the alarm – periodically plays back a siren sound and flashes the display.

The alarm function can be disabled entirely or the user may choose a specific position, in which the phone may be safely put away and not trigger the alarm. The alarm can also be triggered remotely if the phone can be reached through the network.


The mPhone is available in two versions:

  • intrinsically safe – the device complies with ATEX , IECEx and MASC regulations and can be used in hazardous areas
  • non-intrinsically safe