The SpellCom underground communication system is designed to provide wireless
communication in caves or other underground spaces.


The basic system consists of two types of components:

  • MiniNodes battery nodes to provide radio communication network
  • mPhone that provides wireless audio communication.

The practical network limit consists of 10 – 30 miniNodes and 4 radiophones. By expanding the SpellCom system with a Windows-based laptop with our software installed, we add functions:

  • localization of radiophones in the network,
  • remote network supervision


Functionality of the basic system:

  • wireless communication between rescuers or cave explorers and the base outside the cave,

  • monitoring and coordination of rescue and exploration activities,

  • standstill mode,

  • ability to easily extend the range,

  • partial supervision over the wireless infrastructure,

  • possibility of putting the system into sleep mode, thus extending the operation of the network for over 2.5 days – even up to 3 months


Functionality of the extended system:

  • insight into the location of all phones
  • view over the battery charge level of all radiophones
  • complete supervision over the wireless infrastructure