The Mine Rescue Operations Wireless Communication System  is used to ensure communication in the mining excavation during activities related to the rescue operation.

Communication between underground fresh-air base station and the rescue teams takes place via a radio network. The communication between the rescue operation manager on the surface and the fresh-air base station is carried out by wire via: a switched telecommunication line, dry leased line or singlemode fiberoptic line.

The system consists of the following elements:

  • fresh air base station — used to communicate with rescue operation office on the surface and to communicate with rescue teams by the wireless temporary infrastructure set up by battery radio nodes; it allows monitoring the operation and position of all elements of the system providing also tracking and many alarming functions
  • battery radio node — used to form temporary wireless network infrastructure; provides extremely simple setup just by turning on and placing a node approximately every 50m (50 steps); network is not affected by any enabling or disabling of any node and if fully charged it operates continuously for 5 days.
  • radiotelephone — is used for audio communication with fresh air base operator or with other rescuers equipped with radiotelephones; the communication discipline can be arranged according to specific needs and legal requirements; radiotelephone provides many other recscue operations aid functions