The BatNode is a portable radio transceiver, acting as a radio network battery node in underground excavations, BatNode is fully ad-hoc, not needing any setup procedure other than turning on. At the same time, BatNode is a fully mesh network device. It can operate in a close proximity network consisting of up to 64 nodes.

The main function of the BatNode is to provide mesh voice and data transmission during underground rescue operations. The rescue team if necessary, activates the following nodes creating a highly reliable radio network. The node is ready to operate in 10 seconds after powering on. The network does not stop operating in case of activating/deactivating any node. No other activity than turning on is needed to set up the network (fully ad-hoc function). A fully charged built-in battery can power the device for 5 days. The charge level of all active nodes is constantly monitored by the base station (optional).

Main features:

  • 500g (1lbs) lightweight design for easy transport
  • 5 days of battery operating time
  • mounting intervals: about 50m (roughly 40-60 steps)
  • communication, localization, and measurement infrastructure

Additional Information:

  • intrinsically safe (ATEX, IECEx)
  • degree of protection IP67
  • battery module with a built-in charger
  • 2000 cycles battery life
  • LED indicates the device’s operation
  • twisted pair connection between distant nodes (up to 1km) just by plugging in


The BatNode is available in two versions:

  • intrinsically safe – the device complies with ATEXIECEx and MASC regulations and can be used in hazardous areas
  • non-intrinsically safe